Where Do I Complain Or Give Feedback About McDonald’s?

Millions of meals are served at McDonald’s across the world. Out of millions of people, many are unsatisfied. Similarly, thousands of employees who are part of McDonald’s might face workplace issues, discrimination, or just want to give feedback to their employer.

Feedbacks and complaints are always healthy and should be taken positively. Every negative feedback or complaint gives you a chance to remove the discrepancies, improve the system, and become a better version in the future.

McDonald’s has always lived to the policy and principles of keeping people first, employees or customers. Therefore, they have several ways in which customers and employees can reach out and raise their concerns.

However, many people still don’t know a legit way to complain or give feedback about McDonald’s. In this article, we are going to address this concern of many people.

McDonald’s Customer Service and Customer Care

McDonald’s always focuses on providing the customers with the highest service, quality, and food at all the restaurants, anywhere in the world. They have developed mechanized systems across the food chain outlets in the world to keep people first.

According to McDonald’s, complaints, inquiries, or positive/negative feedback from customers are precious pieces of information. This information is processed, analyzed, and used to improve the future experience of the customers at McDonald’s. 

According to data from McDonald’s U.K., only 5% of the customers file complaints. Most complaints and queries are resolved on the spot by speaking to the in-house manager or official. McDonald’s has always focused on employee training for issue resolution and dispute management.

The employees are empowered enough. They are provided with the tools and resources to alleviate the complaints and provide the best resolution to the customers. Besides, McDonald’s has been continuously integrating technology, data, and analytics to improve customer service. They are striving to provide experience with a uniform level of service at all McDonald’s regardless of where it’s located.

Different Ways To Connect To McDonald’s Customer Service

For contacting McDonald’s customer service, here are some ways customers can rely on. McDonald’s gives an open call to the customers to reach out to the staff. Besides, an open kitchen is also available at specific locations.

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You can contact the McDonald’s customer care service center by the number provided on the website.


Another way to reach out to the customer service of McDonald’s is by leaving an email to their customer service contact. They will reply to you for the resolution of your complaint or issue.

Social Media

You can also connect to McDonald’s through their official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram handle.

Mobile App

The mobile app of McDonald’s also gives an option of talking to customer service about your experience.


The official website of McDonald’s has a dedicated page for solving customer complaints, answers to FAQs, and ways how to connect to the customer care of McDonald’s.

On-Site Feedback and Complaints

The customers can always talk to the staff or manager during their visit to the McDonald’s outlet. Whether you find an issue with food, cleanliness, noise, or other matters, you can reach out to the staff on site. They provide the maximum support to resolve your problem with the best possible solution.

Can McDonald’s Employees Complain Or Give Feedback?

McDonald’s employees are always welcome by the company to report any discrepancies, discrimination, harassment, unequal treatment, etc. McDonald’s has a clearly laid out policy that translates how, when, and to whom the employees should talk whenever they experience or observe something unusual or wrong.

According to McDonald’s Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation,

All the employees are encouraged to report discrimination, sexual harassment, harassment, retaliation, unwanted behavior, or discomfort to the HxR of McDonald’s. The policy applies to all employees of McDonald’s, any company-sponsored event, offsite events, vendors, or contractors.

Suppose any of the stakeholders find themselves in an unwanted situation at any given event. In that case, they can reach out to McDonald’s and complain about a violation of policies and individuals involved in such violations.

Where Do I  Complain Or Give Feedback About McDonald’s?

If the customers in the U.S. want to complain or give feedback about McDonald’s, the simplest way of doing this is to visit the website’s complaint portal and file your complaint. You can also call the number provided by McDonald’s or go for the on-site resolution of your issue.

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How To Complain About McDonald’s?

Here is how to complain about McDonald’s:


You can head to the official website of McDonald’s and then the U.S. Restaurant Feedback page or General Inquiry page. In either case, you will be shown a form to fill out and submit to customer care.

For the complaints about the restaurant, you’re asked

  • About the outlet you visited,
  • How did you place the order
  • Visit time
  • Visit date
  • Your personal details
  • The issue you faced
  • Do you want owner’s organization to contact you

Phone Call

A second way of filing a complaint or giving feedback to McDonald’s is using their call service. However, this one is hectic, and you should only choose it if you have 30+ minutes to wait until you’re connected to a representative from customer care.

The customer service number of McDonald’s is 1-800-244-6227.

McDonald’s App

If you’ve McDonald’s app on your phone, you can directly give feedback or file complaints without leaving the ecosystem of the app. You can give your feedback about the overall experience, food, dissatisfaction with any aspect of McDonald’s service at a restaurant, misbehavior of staff, etc. 

Does McDonald’s Take Action On Complaints?

According to users who have complained to McDonald’s about anything, McDonald’s does take action on the complaints. Besides, all the feedback from customers is forwarded to the managers of respective outlets.

According to a former Purchasing Director at McDonald’s, Richard Widman,

“McDonald’s hopes that if anything does not meet your satisfaction, you will tell the counter person, and he/she will replace it or try to solve the problem. If they can’t, they or the customer should take the issue to the manager on duty to resolve it, etc.

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The owner/operator’s phone number is generally listed on a sticker on the drive-through window or somewhere in the store because He/she also wants a chance to make you happy.

If you haven’t found satisfaction at that level, the regional office wants to hear from you and will do everything in its power to make you happy.

Note that, at least in the U.S., they also put a web address on the receipt where you get free coupons just for reporting your satisfaction for that particular visit.

A notable fact: Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, eventually bought the San Diego Padres baseball team. The team was playing so badly that he got up, stopped the game, gave everyone their money back, and told them to please come back free once he had them trained. It is a remarkable culture.”

Therefore, most of the customers should rest assured that their complaints will be taken note of and resolved as soon as possible.

What Are Most Common Complaints and Negative Feedback to McDonald’s?

According to a guest-satisfaction survey taken out at McDonald’s in 2006, the most common types of complaints and negative feedback from the customers were as follows:

  1. Accuracy Problems included transaction accuracy, wrong item included in the order, missing products, incorrectly prepared product, inadequate portions, shortchanged or overcharged, napkins, straws or utensils missing, etc.
  2. Rude and Professional Behavior was the second-largest issue reported by most customers, and it constitutes more than 15% of all complaints received by McDonald’s in a year.
  3. The third issue was the speed of service. Either it was too slow or unresponsive.

McDonald’s takes the guest-satisfaction data very seriously, and according to McDonald’s then spokesman Bill Whitman, they take customer feedback very seriously.

Final Words

Although employees’ accuracy issues and rude behavior were the top problems at McDonald’s during 2004-2006, we hope that McDonald’s has improved and removed all discrepancies in the last 16 years. You must visit McDonald’s and let us know if the overall service experience at McDonald’s is better or not.