How Hard Or Bad Is Working At Mcdonald’s?

Buying from Mcdonald’s and working at Mcdonald’s are not the same; when we get hungry, we visit the Mcdonald’s, place our order, and eat what we want without putting any effort and considering what time it is. But this all is not easy for those cooking and serving the meal at Mcdonald’s.

Do you know how Hard Or Bad Is Working At Mcdonald’s? Workers get minimum wage, and if they want to earn a handsome amount, they need to work almost seven days a week- about 4 to 45 hours a week.

They work in greasy and unsanitary places because they cannot handle the food with gloves; meanwhile, there is a lot of pressure not to waste the food in the kitchen. Moreover, workers get rare promotion chances and less break time.

The business manager of the restaurant and shift managers also seemed to have the same stressful job as they are continuously being measured against others.

Let’s find some facts that lie behind the scenes and dig out what kind of challenges Mcdonald’s staff faces or had faced in the past.

How Hard Or Bad Is Working At Mcdonald’s: Reasons & Effects

With 24-hour branches, 115,000 employees, and 1270 UK stores, the Mcdonald’s chain constantly serves people by rotating menus and drive-thru destinations to boot.

In 1955 the first McDonald’s franchise opened in the US and fortunately, now it stands out in the list of the biggest fast-food chain with 1.9 million employees. At the beginning of the 21st century, 34,000 outlets were operating in more than 115 countries. Still, the word “McJob” is a matter of derision for many employees; explore what it actually looks like to work there.

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Why Is Working At Mcdonald’s Demanding?

Though every employee does not encounter the same exposure, many complain that it is literally hard to work in McKitchen or perform any other duty. At various points, working at Mcdonald’s becomes physically, emotionally, and at some point, mentally draining.

The reason behind the dedicated work job is its fast-paced and stressful nature of the business and unanticipated kinks in the lunch rush chain that makes staff exhausted.

Often, the team gets no rewards despite facing a lot of stress, serving hundreds of customers a day, and tolerating their disrespectful behaviour. Even in many cases, it is not even considered!

Working at Mcdonald’s is a fast-paced and self-sufficient work environment. Though every person’s job is different depending on their status, everybody needs to constantly stand on their toes for a long time and perform multiple duties.

Working at Mcdonald’s consists of

  • a lot of running
  • a lot of talking
  • fast hand movement
  • giving orders to staff
  • moving head back and forth
  • handling customer’s problems
  • cleaning when we are not busy
  • managing customer’s complicated orders
  • grilling burgers on a grill at 190 degrees and facing the risk of oil splattering
  • assembling orders; the order length can vary from one item to twenty items
  • ensuring the right person is on the right duty
  • making sure the right food gets to the customer
  • ensuring everyone is serving as a team and supporting when help is needed

So, if you are at Mcdonald’s, you should be capable of all these jobs at once; meanwhile, you need to ensure that everyone is satisfied with you. Along with speedy service delivery, you need to develop stability and patience in your personality.

Why Often It Becomes Hard To Maintain Efficiency?

Being efficient is always a professional gesture, but it becomes unreal and impractical at multiple stages, so at that moment, workers feel annoyed and irritated.

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Like other fast-food chains, Macdonald’s workers also manage tons of things simultaneously, making it difficult to maintain efficiency on every step.

At Mcdonald’s, employees need to perform multitasking jobs. During hectic periods, they are engaged doing many things simultaneously, and they need to finish their maximum orders in a short timeframe. Eventually, at some points, it becomes difficult to maintain efficiency.

As a crew member, you are divine to make the food quickly. You have a 45-second time frame to begin and finalize the order. From settling the bun to sending it as a completed sandwich, you need to manage everything out in 45 seconds. Definitely, this time limit is not always followed, especially when you receive an order with 22 McChickens, 4 Big Macs, and 5 McWraps. But, you are always supposed to do your best!

Workers And Customers Relationship: Is It Supportive Or Bashing

Workers do not only face pressure from their executives but many times, they are threatened by their customers. Staff needs to deal with hundreds of clients, regardless of how quiet and straightforward they are. Maintaining eye contact and wearing a smile on the face are necessary for all situations.

Employees directly face clients with different moods and their comments; whatever customers say, they need to be trained to be polite at every step. Despite disliking a customer’s opinion, they need to wear a smile on their faces, so things remain normal.

Any mess can affect other customers, too. Often, customers call disgusting names, ask odd questions, and treat working staff indifferently.

Bearing this attitude becomes the most challenging part of the job! Even managers also deal with the worst customers and their odd complins.

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Employees need to foresee the things and keep the customers as the priority because customer happiness helps in their retention and referral. Even managers also deal with the worst customers and their odd complaints.

Why Workers’ Self-Esteem Shags Off?

If a customer has a bad experience, whether it is your fault or not, the customer will be considered correct. The worker is always instructed to stay calm and smile, regardless of how much pressure and stress they face.

Often, it becomes challenging to maintain dignity. Many customers assume that fast-food workers are uneducated screw-ups with no life skills; although very rare, workers are lashed out at insignificant things. In such conditions, workers’ confidence and self-esteem shatter.

Workers don’t only want to get paid but they also want to be valued, listened to, and entertained. If workers get these qualities at their workplace, their chances of job retention increase, and this way they can happily serve your brand and customers.

Our Summary

Working at Mcdonald’s looks very attractive and appealing as it develops your soft skills and provides many other perks. However, if we go deep into reality and take the reviews of Mcdonald’s workers, it is not that straightforward.

If you are looking forward to knowing how hard Or Bad Is Working At Mcdonald’s, this article is for you. Here we have incorporated the challenges that normally Mcdonald’s employees go through.