How Much Money Do You Make Working at McDonald’s?

At this point, we cannot really argue that McDonald’s is the best fast-food chain in the world. But, it is a lot more than just that. McDonald’s is not just known for good food but for giving great pay to their employees.

An average worker at Mcdonald’s earns around $9 per hour. It might be different in some regions, and the pay could range anywhere from $7 to $13. If you want to know more about the money McDonald’s employees make, then keep reading.

Hourly Wage of McDonald’s Employees

Many people do not know it, but if you are a student, you can make quite a few bucks working at McDonald’s because the pay per hour is pretty great there. The company also hires 14-year-old students to get through high school all on their own.

For high school students, McDonald’s in the US usually offers a minimum wage of $10 per hour, which is more than enough for students to support themselves. Also, Mcdonald’s in the US is currently looking for more employees, offering a higher rate.

In places with a shortage of staff, this fast-food chain is even offering $21 as they cannot afford to run out of staff. So, if you live in a region where there is a shortage of employees, you can make quite a lot of money by working at Mcdonald’s.

Also, Mcdonald’s has recently increased the wages it offered to the employees after all protests. People are considering it a very substantial step in the overall fast-food industry.

Also, the pay completely depends upon the job you are doing at McDonald’s because the manager’s pay is obviously going to be more than the pay of the worker.

So, if you want to make more money in McDonald’s, always go for the high-paying jobs and see if they hire you or not. Even if they hire you as a worker, there is a high chance that you will get promoted pretty soon to assistant manager or manager soon enough if you don’t lack efficiency.

How Much Each Job Pays at McDonald’s?

As said earlier, there is different pay for different jobs at McDonald’s, and we are going to list all those jobs and their minimum wage too. So, let’s get right into it:

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1. Cashier

Being a cashier might be a little technical, and you must be qualified to sit behind the counter. So, if you really think you would do good as a cashier, you could go for it. The cashier job does not have a lot of hassle at Mcdonald’s, and it pays well too.

The minimum wage of a cashier at Mcdonald’s starts from $8 and goes all the way up to $12. It can also increase in certain situations and in certain countries, but the standard average is between $8-$12.

2. Fast Food Worker

Most teenagers go for being fast-food workers because it is slightly easier, and once you understand the process and get the hang of it, it really becomes a piece of cake for you. Also, the minimum wage of fast-food workers is higher too.

The minimum wage of a fast-food worker at Mcdonald’s is $12, but it also ranges according to the region you are living in. It could go higher as well, and you can earn $14-$15 per hour, too, depending upon the work you do and the country you are in.

3. Assistant manager

Being an assistant manager is a work of great responsibility at Mcdonald’s because you have to keep an eye on so many things and maintain discipline too. Usually, the assistant manager is more experienced and knows how things go about in the fast-food chain.

If you have been working as a fast-food worker for a while and are qualified to become an assistant manager, then you should immediately go for it.

You might feel like it does not pay as much and it is a lot of work, but your pay will also rise with time, and McDonald’s usually offers a bonus of $5k to its employees.

McDonald’s pays $10-$17 to its assistant managers, which is good enough, and you can make great money by being an assistant manager in the long term. Though it is a lot of work, it is worth it.

4. Manager- $10-$16

Managers at Mcdonald’s usually need to be highly qualified, and if you think that you have that kind of leadership skills and management background, then you would be perfect for this job. McDonald’s gives a lot of opportunities to its managing staff for learning and growth too.

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Also, the minimum wage of a manager at Mcdonald’s ranges from $10 to $16 in the US, but if we look at third-world countries, a manager’s pay is pretty low too. That is the very reason there recently was a big controversy in which people demanded McDonald’s increase their wages.

So, if you want to go for the job of manager at McDonald’s, just make sure that you are getting compensated for all the work you do because, let’s be honest, being the manager of a branch of Mcdonald’s is not as easy as it sounds.

You have to put a lot of effort into it, and most people think that the company does not pay them enough.

Food Service worker- $9

Monthly Salary of McDonald’s Employees

Having a stable monthly salary is important not only for a family man but also for students because everyone has paid their bills. So, Mcdonald’s does offer a pretty good package if we look at the average monthly wages of employees.

But, you can earn more than that by doing overtime too, which is totally allowed. However, if you are a student, you cannot work more than the permitted hours. But all in all, if you don’t have a lot of expenses, the monthly salary at Mcdonald’s is not that bad.

The average monthly salary of Mcdonald’s employees is $2414. Also, the top earnings in a month was by employees who earned $4208, which is pretty good, so you just need to work a little harder and earn higher than the average monthly income of Mcdonald’s employees.

So, if you are planning to start working at McDonald’s, make sure to look at the average salary and see whether it is good enough for you or not.

Jobs at McDonald’s that Pay Highest

McDonald’s does not only have jobs that pay around $10 an hour, as there certainly are some pretty high-paying jobs that might make your jaw drop.

Jobs like the manager of technology, data governance, data engineering manager, and senior director can pay you anywhere from $200k to $250k.

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In some cases, the pay is even more than $250k, but these high-paying jobs are on the technical side, and you would need specialized degrees and experience for being hired for them. So, if you think you could do any of these jobs, you should most certainly go for it.

By taking the job in a technical and specialized department of McDonald’s, you will make a lot of money and enjoy bonuses, making McDonald’s a go-to place for everyone who wants to earn some quick bucks.

Which Country’s McDonald’s Pays the Highest?

We have only talked about the US till now, but it is time to add some countries into the mix as we know that the US is not one of the countries that pay the highest to their Mcdonald’s employees.

Though the people are demanding the company to at least increase the pay rate to a minimum of $15 per hour, the company claims that it would disrupt their whole system.

So, if we talk about which country’s McDonalds pays the most, it has to be Denmark. McDonald’s in Denmark pays a minimum wage of $20 per hour, which is very high compared to the wage offered in the US.

New Zealand also offers a good minimum wage as it starts from $16 per hour and goes all the way up. You surely can make a lot of money by working in McDonald’s in such countries, but you could hardly support your family

 if you are in the US.

It surely is a good choice for those who are students and gets you some extra bucks too but do not expect Mcdonald’s to give any overwhelmingly great salary package to its employees anytime soon.


Lastly, have you always wondered how much Mcdonald’s pays its employees, being the biggest fast-food chain in the world? Well, we hope now it is pretty clear that the wages offered are not extraordinarily great.

In fact, worldwide protests have started recently too, and people are demanding that McDonald’s raise their per-hour wages because they obviously deserve it. So, have you decided to go for it already, or have we disrupted your decision?

Have a great day!