Do McDonald’s Gift Cards and Certificates Expire? And Does It Work Internationally?

McDonald’s gift cards are reloadable, reusable, and easy to handle. But you cannot use them for online purchases, and they do not expire. No service, no activity, and no other fee will be charged. Like McDonald’s gift cards, their certificates do not expire as well.

McDonald’s gift cards and certificates are mostly work in the US. But some gift cards are allowed to use abroad according to their terms and conditions.

This article includes all information like Do McDonald’s gift cards and certificates expire? And does it work internationally? So, for further details, you have to go through this article.

Do McDonald’s Gift Cards and Certificates Expire?

As we have mentioned above, your McDonald’s gift card does not expire. And neither inactivity nor service or any other fee will be charged. Here, each McDonald’s gift card/ Arch card is issued by the P2W, Inc., NEP (“P2W”).

P2W is a trade association authorized to issue your McDonald’s gift card. It is responsible for maintaining McDonald’s gift card program and its operation in the US. It is a sole legal obligor to cardholders.

And this agreement is between the P2W and cardholder. Here are some rules about the expiration and fraud of McDonald’s gift cards.

  1. But P2W has reserved the right to refuse to honour any McDonald’s gift card in the event of a disputed credit card charge.
  2. P2W also refused dishonoured checks, or p2W believes that its use is unauthorized and unlawful.
  3. P2W is not responsible for the unauthorized sale of the preloaded card.
  4. P2W is also not responsible for any 3rd party fraud or unlawful activity associated with any McDonald’s gift card or Arch card balance.
  5. If P2W discovers any Arch card or arch card balance was delivered or sourced through fraud or any other unlawful act in its sole discretion. Then it cancels all impacted McDonald’s gift cards and retains all related arch Cards balances without noticing you.
  6. P2W may use retained McDonald’s gift cards to help offset its liability to card companies, networks, and issues of stolen or lost cards used to purchase or load cards.
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Unauthorized Transactions/ Lost Damages and Stolen Cards

It does not care if you are authorized or unauthorized as you are responsible for transactions associated with your card. So, you must safeguard your card and avoid disclosing card information to anyone.

The remaining balance in your lost or stolen card can be replaced only if the original proof of purchase is provided for reloading or any investment. You can call (800) 244-6227 to freeze your card balance.

After completing this procedure, you can send in the Lost/ stolen Arch Card form (PDF 63 KB) with the proof of purchase. P2W and McDonald’s are not responsible for unauthorized use of cards before the account balance is frozen.

If you submit a replacement request, a new card will be issued in the amount remaining when the card is frozen. Replacement cards are given as an e-gift card at the P2W’s discretion.

Is It Legal for Gift Certificates to Expire?

An astounding number of expired gift cards and certificates are probably present in the desk drawers of any self-denying moms. Some states have laws to deal with it to handle this problem, but Federal law addresses this issue.

1. Federal Gift Card Law

It is all due to the Federal credit CARD Act of 2009; store gift cards and gift certificates cannot expire for almost 5 years. But this issue can be charged an “inactivity fee” if your card has not been used within 12 months.

2. State Laws

Some states have passed laws that regulate gift cards and gift certificates. For example, California is against the law for store gift cards and gift certificates to have an expiration date.

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But there are some circumstances where this law applies for any dormancy fee or to have an expiration date. See the National Conference of Legislature’s chart to check if your state has any law for gift cards or certificates.

The National Conference of Legislature’s chart covers state statutes related to gift cards and gift certificates. A local consumer protection lawyer can also describe the applicable laws in your state.

Do Unused Gift Cards Expire?

According to the law, money on the gift card cannot expire for at least 5 years. According to Federal Trade Commission, 5 years are required for data; the card was purchased and from the last date when money was added to the card.

A lot of the cards do not have any expiration date. But you must have to check the fine print so that you do not hang on to yours for too long.

Do McDonald’s Gift Cards Work Internationally?

Most McDonald’s gift cards are usually used in the US. But due to some terms and conditions, you can also use these gift cards abroad. These are little help as the safest international spending will be through credit cards with no foreign transaction fees.

In addition, Mastercard offers an international prepaid travel card and prepaid gift card. You can also get prepaid cards and gift cards with the MasterCard logo at big box stores like Target, Sam’s Club, Walmart, etc.

Some of the best gift cards for travelers is the Capital one, Venture one, and Reward credit card. It is not free of foreign transaction fees, and this card does not contain any annual fee. And you will earn almost 1.25 million/ dollar on every purchase.

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There is no limit on how much money you earn and how many miles you never expire.

The International Reach of Some Gift Cards

Your success level abroad depends on the card. Unlike credit cards, gift cards are issued by a bank or retailer. Due to this reason, most of the branded gift cards are usually US-based.

But some of the McDonald’s gift cards are used at select international locations. Here, we have mentioned some gift cards with limited use outside the US.

1. Gap

In-store and online-Brazil, China, Mexico, UK, France, Canada, Italy, Ireland, and Japan.

2. The Home Depot

In-store and online – Currency operating stores in Mexico and Canada.

3. Subway

Only in Canada.

4. Hyatt

Participating in hotels in Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Mexico.

The Visa or MasterCard issues cards are used in the limited outside. The Akimbo gift prepaid Mastercard can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard debit.

Final Words

In our guide, we have discussed almost everything about the expiration of McDonald’s gift cards and certificates. And they are most usable in the US. But some of the countries will allow for abroad use of them according to their terms and conditions.

Most of the gift cards cannot expire for almost 5 years. Having a gift card or any prepaid card that you can transfer cash can be a quick way to ensure uninterrupted purchases.

I hope this article solves your queries like, do McDonald’s gift cards and certificates expire? And does it work internationally? If you have any issues related to the McDonald’s gift cards and certificates, then you must read this article.