How Much Do McDonald’s Birthday Parties Cost 2022? – The Complete Guide

McDonald’s is the best place for celebrating the birthday of kids. You must be curious about the cost of the birthday party, theme, and food package. Read on here I have discussed everything in detail to remove all confusion.

Cost of Birthday Party at McDonald’s

The cost of a McDonald’s birthday party depends on the location, package, and number of children. There are different themes according to location, each costing differently.

However average McDonald’s birthday party costs $5-$10. So suppose you are arranging a birthday party of 10-15 children; the entire cost of a birthday party will be $55 plus tax.

What are the Extra Costs?

McDonald’s has different deals depending on the number of guests. For example, suppose you have 11 guests; however, the deal you find appropriate allows only 10 people.

You can bring one cake and take separate orders for one person by paying extra.

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How to Book YOUR McDonald’s Party Online 2022?

Here is the guideline for booking McDonald’s party online

  1. Firstly open the McDonald’s booking site.
  2. Now reserve your party, date, time, and venue.
  3. Now select the food package and birthday party theme.
  4. Put down the contact information and celebration information.
  5. Finally, pay the party bill
  6. You can pay the total amount at any branch and non-refundable reservation free first and later the remaining amount.

McDonald’s Party Themes

McDonald’s keeps changing its birthday themes and has introduced many new ones this year. You can arrange a birthday party in following themes

  1. Ronald and the Gang
  2. Happy
  3. Barbie
  4. Hot Wheels
  5. Thomas & Friends

Mcdonald’s Birthday Party Themes 2022

Once you have decided on the birthday party theme, it is time to select the food package. Here I have discussed all packages to help you choose the package you like the most.

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Package 1

This birthday package contains McSpaghetti, regular drinks, fires, and sundaes. This is considered the best food package for adults.

Package 2

This dead consists of 1 piece chicken McDo with McSpaghetti, regular fries, sundae, and regular drink. This platter is the best option if you arrange a party for adults.

Package 3

McSpaghetti, 1 regular drink, sundae, and a happy meal toy is the McDonald’s third food package which is the best option if you are serving kids.

Package 4

Children love to eat burgers, so McDonald’s has introduced a burger-containing deal. Besides McSpagetti with burger McDo, there are French fries and a happy meal toy.

If you have not liked any of these deals and want to make additions and deletions, contact the birthday planner of your selected branch and discuss everything in detail.

Why McDonald’s is the Best Place for a Birthday Celebration?

Every parent wishes to surprise their kids with a particular birthday party to find the best place for it. Here are the 7 reasons McDonald’s is the best place for a birthday celebration.

Happy meal for the happy occasion

McDonald’s offers special meals for birthdays, and it is also known as a happy meal as it contains children’s favorite things, for example, burgers, fries, cold drinks, wings, etc.

Birthday Party Place with Party Professionals

When you arrange a birthday party somewhere else, you have to take care of everything separately. However, at McDonald’s, parents are free and enjoy their kids’ parties very much.

As professionals handle everything, you do not have to make an effort as everything is well prepared and well managed.

Birthday Party Place with Specially Trained Hosts

Furthermore, specially trained staff at the venue takes care of kids and engages them in different activities and games. Thus kids enjoy themselves very much and feel fresh.

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The hosts are dressed in the costumes of different cartoons and play with children. This is the most loveable moment for the children.

Birthday Party Place with Peppy Party invitation cards

McDonald’s team designs different invitation cards according to the theme you select. You can collect these cards from the nearest branch and download them online.

Distributing these fantastic cards to kids and inviting them for their birthday is enjoyable.

Birthday Party Place with Treats and Surprises for the Guests

McDonald’s team has arranged different surprises for kids, such as toys, exciting prizes for the winner, and funky headbands. Children eagerly wait for the surprise and enjoy their hearts to the fullest.

Birthday Party Place with Exclusive Spaces for Kids’ Birthday Parties

McDonald’s has a specialized setup for birthday celebrations, where kids can play different games. Best of all they do not charge extra money for the celebration area/.

Choose the theme your children like the most and ask the management to create the whole set-up according to it; it will turn out to be the best birthday for your kid.

Is it Allowed to Bring your Photographer?

You can bring your photographer; however, it is better to ask the McDonald’s birthday planner to arrange a top-notch photographer for you.

Can you Make Decorations?

Yes, you can further add things to make your birthday set-up look more beautiful. However, it is better to discuss decorations with the Mcdonald’s birthday planner team and allow them to do everything on their own.

Does McDonald’s give Free Birthday Stuff?

There are a few franchises of McDonald; that arrange free birthday meals for kids. So you must go to the nearest McDonald’s and see if they offer any such offer.

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Can you Bring outside Food from McDonald’s?

McDonald’s does not allow its customers to take food outside; if you try to take it out, the management asks to dispose of the food or leave it inside.

If someone is annoying you in the dining and you must look for any other table, as dining at McDonald’s is tremendous, you can easily find a peaceful place in it.

Does McDonald’s still sell Birthday Cakes?

Yes, they do serve cake; however, you can bring your cake from outside if you want something extraordinary and unique that is not available in the McDonald

As a Parent or Guardian, do I need to Stay to supervise? 

Yes, there must be someone supervising the kids; meanwhile, the McDonald’s team is busy entertaining the kids and making the day memorable for them

Why does McDonald’s have Different Prices?

Yes, McDonald’s has a price difference as some of them are owned by corporators, and franchisers run a few. However, a significant difference has been observed in the price of nuggets.

Some braches sell them at low costs however their price is very much in some areas.

Final Words

In a nutshell, arranging a birthday party at McDonald’s does not cost very much. Of course, you have to pay a little money to arrange a memorable day for your kid.

Arrange a meeting with the McDonald’s birthday planner, choose the theme and menu and get specialized cards designed for the invitation. Moreover, there are hosts for surprising and playing games with the kids.

If you want to arrange a birthday party there but have any confusion feel free to ask in the below comment section. Thank you for your visit!