Do McDonald’s Frappes Have Caffeine?

When it comes to McDonald’s coffee, there does not seem to be any in-between option opinion, as either you like it or hate it. But one common thing for sure is since the introduction of McDonald’s McCafé lineup, the restaurant’s coffee drinks have gotten a bit good in the world of the fast-food chain is the Frappe of McDonald’s.

So, according to the Caffeine Informer, a coffee drink contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee from the chain, as it is a coffee drink first. McDonald’s has described the glass as offering just like a “hint of coffee.”

The sweet and ice-cold drink contains remained a hit on the menu, especially for coffee lovers who do not want to pay high prices to get their fix. Here is a detailed description of do McDonald’s Frappes have caffeine. So, let us start reading.

The Frappe the Most Sugary Drink on McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s drink is loaded with a lot of sugar. For some, the frozen coffee drink contains much sugar to taste like a coffee drink, as the Demarest’s competition to its milkshake. In addition, there is nothing wrong with milkshakes if you like them.

But the frappe can leave you disappointed if you were hoping to taste coffee along with the taste with all that sugar. And, yes, there is a lot of sugar as the Frappe has more sugar than any drink on McDonald’s menu like its McCafé drinks. 

A small caramel Frappe contains 55 g of sugar, the medium of 67 g, and the large of a whopping 89 g. the small and medium-size Mocha version has one less gram of sugar in each. Its comparison to super-sweet Mango pineapple Smoothie lies between the 42 and 72 g of sugar depending upon its size.

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For checking sugar, the American Heart Association recommends the consumption of no more than 25 g of sugar daily for women and 36 g for men. High sugar-containing drinks like Frappe has much loaded with calories and could negatively affect your health.

The McDonalds Frappe is Officially Gluten Free

So, according to the No Gluten, McDonald’s does not contain any official gluten-free menu or nay label of its products as gluten-free. But people have celiac disease, a digestive, immune disorder causing reactions to gluten.

These people know to look for gluten having ingredients in food and drinks to prevent problems before starting. Experts say that McDonald’s Frappe is unofficially gluten-free. You can check its components on McDonald’s website to ensure that nothing could cause a reaction.

In an article by, a celiac disease expert has reviewed that both Caramel and Mocha Frappe have no gluten ingredients in their mixes, flavored drizzles, and whipped cream. However, its author has stated that it is better to check its ingredients for yourself.

If you are a newbie to celiac disease or other gluten-intolerant conditions, you might not know what to look for on products not labeled as gluten-free. One of the celiac disease foundations has recommended that you first check for allergens like wheat, eggs, nuts, etc.

And then look for the obvious gluten-containing ingredients like barley, rye, and wheat.

Do McDonald’s Frappes have Caffeine?

McDonald’s Frappes do not have caffeine, and its amount varies depending on the flavor and size. For example, the Mocha frappe has 100 mg caffeine for a small one, 125 of caffeine in medium, and 180 mg caffeine for the larger one.

In addition, other frappe flavors have 75 mg caffeine in small, 90 mg of caffeine for the medium, and 130 mg caffeine in the larger one. You probably have many questions about McDonald’s Frappes and the caffeine content in their products.

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McDonald’s Frappes have caffeine in them, and it is full of sugar and other flavorings to make it a glorified coffee shake than having a cup of coffee. However, McDonald’s Frappes is a drink that is best for all people who do not like the coffee taste and still want the caffeine and rush from coffee-like products. So, other than that, does McDonald’s Frappes have caffeine? Keep reading this article.

Does McDonald’s have a Decaf Frappes?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s Frappes do not have a Decaf option this time. McDonald’s do nth s made any plan to bring a decaf option to the public. In addition, all McDonald’s Frappes contain espresso since they are part of espresso drinks offered at all locations.

What Types of Frappes does McDonald’s Serve?

McDonald’s offers a Mocha frappe and Caramel Frappe in small, medium, and larger sizes. So, let us discuss both of them with their ingredients.

·     Ingredients in the Caramel Frappe

Caramel Frappe has coffee and caramel flavor and the ice blended into the drinks. In addition, there is a caramel drizzle on top and whipped topping.

·     Ingredients in the Mocha Frappe

The McDonalds Mocha frappe has coffee and chocolate flavoring blended with crushed ice. Furthermore, you will also get a whipped topping and chocolate drizzle to make it even sweeter.

Can You Buy McDonald’s Frappe in Stores?

Yes, you can buy McDonald’s Frappe in various retail and grocery stores all around the country like Kroger or at Walmart.

The Caffeine Content of McDonald’s Coffee and Teas

If you are interested in knowing McDonald’s coffee and tea options’ caffeine content, you must understand that all its content depends upon the size. The size varies t may be smaller, larger, or medium.

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Here, you will find out all information to select the option that is best for you.

·      Brewed Coffee

A small brewed coffee contains 109 mg caffeine, a medium has 145 mg, and a larger one contains 180 mg.

·      Decaf Brewed Coffee

The small decaf coffee has 8 mg, the medium is 11 mg, and the larger one has 14 mg caffeine.

·      Espresso

McDonald’s small espresso is known as a single, containing almost 71 mg of caffeine. In addition, the medium espresso has 142 mg of caffeine, which is known as a double.

·      Americano

Small Americano has 71 mg caffeine, medium one has 142 mg, and large one contains 178 mg of caffeine.

·      Most Flavors of Latte, Macchiato, and Cappuccino

A small latte, macchiato, and cappuccino contain 71 mg caffeine, a medium-size has 142 mg, and the larger one contains almost 178 mg caffeine.

·      Hot Tea

Hot tea at McDonald’s contains 42 mg of caffeine. It does not depend upon the size, so small, medium, and larger have the same amount of caffeine.

Final Words

McDonald’s frappes have caffeine and caffeine depending on which flavor and what size you ordered. With 100 mg of caffeine which is the lowest, and 180 mg, the highest.

In addition, the caffeine content in McDonald’s frappe also varies depending on other factors, like if there is a chance in the preparation of beverages. McDonald’s McCafé’s line of drinks all have espresso, so if you need a quick caffeine fix, all products lying in this category will get the job done.

If you have any questions regarding whether McDonald’s frappes have caffeine them, you may ask, but you must read this article first.