Why do I Feel Sick After Eating McDonald’s? – Complete Guide

When we eat something very heavy or sweet, our body acts differently; we feel lethargic. You must be curious about why I feel sick after eating at Mcdonald’s?

Moves ahead to know all the side effects of deep-fried and sweet drinks and much more

5 Major Reasons for Feeling Sick after eating McDonald’s

Following are the major reasons for feeling sick after eating McDonald’s

Digestion Problem

Everybody who eats at McDonald’s feels that their body is heavy and you cannot do anything for a whole day as you remain lazy and restless. Do not ignore such issues as they arise due to indigestion.

Fat is the slowest digested macronutrient, and food with high-fat content slows down the stomach’s emptying process. Due to the longer fat stays in the stomach, our body suffers from nausea, bloating, and stomach aches.

This mostly happens when you eat foods that contain a large amount of fat. To avoid such digestion problems, it is recommended to reduce the McDonald’s intake in your diet and eat something sweet.

Heart Rate Spikes

The second major reason you feel unhealthy after eating Mcdonald’s is heart rate spikes. We visit restaurants and eat many foods like milkshakes, sods, and drinks.

Al these drinks contain a large amount of sugar, and when sugar enters our body, it is converted into glucose. Due to this, our heart rate and blood pressure increase, and we experience heart rate spikes.

The effect of processed sugar is very different on our body as we feel slump for some time; however, after some time, we feel hungry and need to eat something.


Inflammation has many effects on our health and leads to major concerns. Moreover, the McDonald’s food items we eat regularly cause inflammation.

You face a situation where you feel lethargic and cannot do anything for a whole day. In short, it disturbs your entire schedule as you cannot do anything.

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So it is better to avoid deep-fried foods; instead, you can eat fresh salads that will positively impact your health.


When we eat foods that are deep-fried in oil are very dangerous for our health. The canola oil replaces the healthy saturated and unsaturated membrane from the cells and creates a layer of canola oil.

The membrane created by the canola oil is very poor, and it can hold the energy inside the cells. Thus all the power is wasted, and you feel sluggish, lazy, and tired.

Thus, if you want to keep yourself active, avoid eating deep-fried foods and shift towards grilled foods.

Chemical Dependency

One of the biggest drawbacks of eating at McDonald’s is that your body becomes habitual of sugar in very large amounts in the drinks and shakes.

These sugar increase the amount of serotonin and dopamine production in your brain, and slowly, the body’s ability to produce these happy hormones decrease. In short, your body cannot produce satisfying hormones, and you need substances to activate these hormones.

You must be careful of what you are eating, curb fried items, shake high in sugar, and replace these unhealthy foods with healthy foods.

Worst Food Items of the McDonald

Here are the foods that you should never at McDonald’s as they will negatively affect your health.

1. Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese

There is a double sandwich, and almost 1.5 pounds of beef is used. Moreover, saturated fats are present in a very large amount, and there is no need to eat such a high amount of saturated fat per day.

Thus never eat double quarter pounder with cheese at McDonald’s.

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2. Big Breakfast with Hotcakes

If you are a diet-conscious person and do not want to take large amounts of fat content, it will be a bad idea to order a big breakfast with hotcakes at McDonald’s.

You will start your day with a very bad diet, so make sure you eat something healthy, such as bran bread, boiled egg, etc.

3. Caramel Frappe

This drink consists of a big caramel flavor with a hint of coffee, and it is topped with a large amount of sugar and caramel drizzle. There is nothing fruitful in it as you will be eating sugar, and it is almost equal to 89 grams.

4. Large Fries

Mcdonald’s is very famous worldwide for its fries; however, make sure you are not eating a large amount at once. A large pack of their fries has almost 500 calories.

It is advised to take a diet that contains less amount of each ingredient, for example, 3 grams of protein, 29 grams of carbs, 10 grams of fat, etc.

5. Hotcakes Breakfast

It seems that you are eating very simple food, but the food is not healthy for you. Hotcakes contain a large amount of sugar, and almost 101 grams of carbs are present.

When we eat foods that contain such a large amount of simple fatty acids, there is an extreme blood sugar spike. Moreover, you feel very tired, and there is an increase in the craving for eating something unhealthy and sweet.

6. Chocolate Shake

A glass of chocolate shakes has 830 calories and 101 grams of sugars. These calories are equal to the amount present in a double cheeseburger. It is never recommended to have such a large amount of sugar at once.

7. Big Breakfast with Hotcakes

The fats present in this burger remain in your stomach for almost half a day; moreover, it is a sodium bomb. So be careful and do not eat such things.

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You need to do many workouts for burning them, and if not burnt, they trigger other health issues.

Healthy Foods of McDonald’s

Following foods of McDonald’s have each ingredient in a balanced amount, and you will not feel lazy after eating them. Instead, they give you energy for work the whole day.

1. Egg McMuffin

It would help if you ate a good breakfast for a whole working day, and meadowlands egg McMuffin is the best for you.

 It contains only 300 calories and 17 grams of protein. Thus it will provide your energy for the whole day and does not trigger other health issues

2.  Sausage Burrito + Apple Slices

You only get 13 grams of protein and 310 calories by eating this. Moreover, it is paired with apple slices, and we all know the nutritious value of the apple. Thus he makes a perfect breakfast, and you must have it once in a lifetime.

3. 6-piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal

Mcdonald’s happy meals are not rich in protein, lipids, and calories. 6 piece chicken McNuggets, milk, apple slices make a perfect breakfast that provides your essential nutrients. Is not it amazing?

4. McChicken

If combined with apple slices, you can have it as a complete meal. It contains 400 calories, and just 14 grams of protein are present. It would help if you tried it.

Final Words

In a nutshell, indigestion, inflammation, heart rate spikes, and chemical dependency are the major reason that affects your health, and you need to stop their intake.

A few food items of McDonald’s contain very high sugar and fats content, but a few foods have all nutrients in a balanced and healthy amount.

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