Is CloutZap App a Scam or a Legit Online Earning App?

In recent years, many online earning platforms have emerged on the Internet, claiming to provide remote job opportunities to hundreds and thousands of people worldwide. These online platforms make numerous promises to people.

However, only a few can keep to their promises, while others just scam people by wasting their time, effort, and money, and later they vanish like they never existed.

That is why many people are hesitant and have completely refused to engage in any online earning scheme. Either they have had their past encounters as learning lessons, or one of their relatives or friends fell victim to one of the online earning platforms.

However, one online earning website is creating a lot of buzz on the Internet – CloutZap. It offers an easy way to make a decent amount of money online.

By just signing up, sharing invite links, testing apps, and referring others to the platform, you can make a lot of money for yourself. Does it sound lucrative? Of course, it does.

However, the genuineness of CloutZap has been highly debated on the Internet; few claim that it is a genuine online earning website, while others think it is another scam on the Internet.

Are you wondering, too, if CloutZap is worth your time and money? Scroll down to find the reality of CloutZap.

What is a CloutZap?

In CloutZap words, CloutZap has created quite a hype on the Internet by being the top influence earning network.

The members are paid well to share the referral links. With them, anyone looking to increase their following can become a successful influencer within no time.

In simpler words, CloutZap is an online earning website claiming to allow its registered members to earn a lot of money by testing apps, taking surveys, and completing daily assigned tasks.

CloutZap positions itself as a huge community with millions of registered members. Here are some other claims CloutZap makes:

  • Available in 190+ countries
  • A huge community of 560,574+ registered users
  • More than $22 million has been earned by CloutZap members
  • Most members earn $10k per month
  • Sign-up bonus worth $35
  • Mentioned in Forbes
  • 4+ years of experience

The company wants its registered members to make referrals for their website and bring as many people as possible to the platform. To keep their registered members motivated enough not to stop making referrals, CloutZap offers daily paychecks.

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With just a few simple clicks and taps, people can easily earn $10k per month in the comfort of their homes. Now, it is a dream job opportunity for many people.

Do the rewards seem too good to be true? Of course, it does. Many people might not believe an online earning platform is ready to pay its member $100 to $10k each month just to share a few invite links and bring more people to the platform.

But, the reality is that the website earns much more than they are paying you. It is all about networking!

It is the same trick used by many fake online earning platforms. However, the build quality of CloutZap’s website is too good to be a scam or fake.

How does CloutZap work?

To help you understand better, here is the step-by-step guide on how CloutZap works:

Join CloutZap

Go to the website and create an account with CloutZap to become a registered member.

Share or complete the tasks assigned

After creating an account, you will be automatically directed to their dashboard, where you can find your referral link.

Once you access your referral link, start using it to invite your friends, relatives, colleagues, or even strangers. By using the invite link, you can earn $2 for every click on the link, whereas $20 for everyone who signed up on the platform.

Also, many other tasks will be assigned to you to earn money for yourself, even if the referral method is not working for you too well.

Get Paid

CloutZpap offers several payment options to its registered members. You can easily withdraw the amount you earned through PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or Bitcoin.

What kind of tasks are assigned on the CloutZap?

Besides referrals, CloutZap assigns a few other tasks to the members to provide them with more earning opportunities.

Therefore, if you have a limited social circle, you can perform other tasks on CloutZap to earn more money. These tasks are just a bonus for people earning a lot through the referral program.

Here are the tasks assigned on CloutZap:

Survey tasks

After qualifying for the surveys on CloutZap, you will be able to make a good amount of money by completing each survey. Each survey will be different from the others and about different subjects.

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App tasks

CloutZap is all networking. Considering the popularity of CloutZap, many apps have partnered with them for their promotions. Therefore, CloutZap will instruct you to install many apps and complete the assigned tasks.

By doing so, CloutZap will be paid a higher amount by these app owners, and in return, CloutZap will pay you a small percentage of its profit.

However, even with a small percentage of profit, you will be able to make a lot of money for yourself by the end of the day.

Daily quests

CloutZap will have a few other daily tasks for you to perform in exchange for payment. However, these tasks will be completely optional.

If you have a busy schedule, you can easily skip them.


CloutZap knows how much people are fond of giveaways. Therefore, the platform also holds hourly giveaways for its registered members. However, you will have to pay some money to participate in these giveaways.

Is CloutZap Legit?

Is CloutZap a scam website? Such doubts might come into people’s minds. Considering the build quality of the website, CloutZap may look like a genuine online earning scheme.

However, many scam businesses nowadays have websites that make them look like authentic businesses.

Similar might be the case with CloutZap. Like scam websites, CloutZap also has no information available about the founders.

However, it is not a big deal at all. Many business owners run their businesses without revealing much information about them.

However, the other major things that make people doubt on CloutZap’s genuineness are:

Fake payment proof 

One of the best ways online earning platforms can gain people’s trust is by showing proof of success. For that purpose, CloutZap also does show proof of success by showing screenshots of payments made to a few registered members.

However, unfortunately, people pointed out that these screenshots are fake as few of them were dated before the platform was even created.

Therefore, the app might be scamming people by not paying them back for the referrals made, surveys submitted, and tasks completed.

Unrealistic income claims

The income claims made for doing small tasks are too good to be true. If these online earning platforms were really paying people that much, no one would turn to their 9 to 5 jobs.

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The CloutZap claims that its members are easily earning more than $500 daily, and in some testimonials, they talk about people earning $10k per month.

With these earnings numbers, one could be one of the richest people in the world. However, it is hard to be getting this much money with the tasks available on the website.

If these numbers were true, then all doctors, engineers, teachers, and people of all other professionals would be leaving their jobs to submit surveys or complete tasks online.

Copywriting similar to other scam websites

In recent years, scammers have become smarter and have their chains of websites to scam people. However, they don’t realize that people nowadays are more well-informed than before, thanks to the Internet.

Therefore, these scammers do not pay much attention to minor details – keeping similar copywriting of all websites.

Unfortunately, CloutZap also has similar copywriting to other scam websites – the same promises that are never fulfilled. If you want to verify for yourself, check websites such as Paid2tap, Use2earn, or Next Cash to see copywriting similar to CloutZap’s website.


Nowadays, the Internet is full of scams. Even scammers these days have built professional quality websites with enhanced images.

Therefore, it has become difficult for people to distinguish between fake and genuine websites. CloutZap has gained much popularity among adults these days for paying high rates for completing easy tasks.

However, what they don’t realize is that it can be another scam on the Internet. While it does not ask people to pay money for signing up like other scam websites, it does have fake payment proofs, no social media presence, and a few other red flags, raising a big question mark on the genuineness of the website.

You must go ahead if you want to try this online earning platform. However, make sure not to invest too much of your time and money until you get your first payment withdrawn.

It can be a genuine online earning platform or another scam on the Internet.

Considering its unrealistic income claims and fake payment proofs, it does seem like a fake website.