Do You Put Ketchup On Your Rice? Why Or Why Not?

Some people love ketchup on their rice, others can’t stand the thought of mixing sweet and savory foods like that. But there are some cultural differences at play here, too. 

Putting ketchup on the rice is a matter of taste, if you enjoy ketchup on the rice then you can put ketchup on your rice. Many non-Western countries prefer to flavor their rice with soy sauce or other seasonings, rather than adding any type of tomato-based condiment.

Why Is Putting Ketchup On Rice a Good idea?

Have you ever wondered why some people like to put ketchup on the rice? The reason for this has been discovered and it’s not what you might expect…

Ketchup On The Rice Is a Matter Of Taste

Ketchup has a flavor that is best described as fruity, but if you look at it chemically, it’s really closer to what we call a non-volatile salt. It usually comes in chunks (called macromolecules) that don’t dissolve well. 

A lot of cooks who first use it think that it does not improve the food, or even gives a weird taste, because they don’t understand how to work with new ingredients.

Adding Ketchup To The Rice Gives it a New Flavor

Some people think it sounds disgusting, but let me tell you, it makes your rice taste so much better. When we want to eat some rice, we only think about adding salt and pepper. However, don’t forget that when you add more flavor to your rice, it tastes much better! 

I know that Ketchup is not a normal thing to put on rice, but try it out once and I promise you will never go back. You can also use Soy Sauce instead of ketchup if you like. But trust me – Ketchup works wonders!

Why putting ketchup on rice is a bad idea?

If you love ketchup and rice, there’s something you need to know—putting ketchup on rice makes the dish less delicious. This might seem like an unpopular opinion, but it’s true! Although ketchup is quite versatile and can be used in recipes other than on rice, the combination isn’t always the best choice. 

Here are some reasons why putting ketchup on rice should be avoided

Ketchup contains sugar

While it’s true that traditional tomato ketchup does not have any added sugar, it may still be higher in sugar than you might expect. Most condiments are quite high in added sugars, but ketchup contains about one gram of sugar per tablespoon (9 grams total), and some brands contain even more! 

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That may not seem like much, but for someone who uses as much ketchup as you do to cover their food (rice included), that’s enough sugar to contribute to weight gain over time.

Ketchup does not go with rice

A lot of people in China will find it strange to have ketchup with rice because it’s just not done. Putting ketchup on top of your rice is going to cause your meal to taste like meat instead of its true flavor. Ketchup has sugar and salt inside which can make your body feel heavy or in need of water afterward when you eat it with rice.

Ketchup hides flavor

Ketchup is also rich in high fructose corn syrup and large amounts of salt, both of which can exacerbate pre-existing health problems such as hypertension and heart disease, so if you need to cut back on sodium, it’s not a good choice. 

While we don’t know for sure whether ketchup slows your metabolism down or speeds it up, what we do know is that most people who use it heavily are likely to be overweight or obese—which means they could have an issue with metabolic disorders.

Do you put ketchup on your rice?

A lot of people believe that rice is boring and plain. Many say it’s bland because of its color. The truth is that rice is pretty much neutral in flavor; you can use it to complement any type of food. The answer to the question: do you put ketchup on your rice? why or why not? is hidden in the next given details in the article.

However, you do need to take into consideration how you’re going to eat your rice if you want an exciting meal. There are many ways to add a little zest to your plain white rice without having to resort to ketchup. Here are some tips for adding more spice to your rice: 

Add butter or olive oil when cooking

Butter adds a smooth richness to rice that most find irresistible. Olive oil brings out all kinds of flavors in different types of dishes, including rice. If you have time before cooking, toss some olive oil or butter into your pan with raw rice and let it heat up until it starts sizzling. 

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Then add water as usual and cook until done. This is an easy way to add flavor without adding calories.

Don’t forget about spices

There are lots of spices that can be added to rice for extra flavor. Cumin, turmeric, chili powder, paprika, and curry powder are just a few options that will make your rice taste great without having to resort to ketchup! Make sure you add these when cooking rather than after or you won’t get much out of them. 

Add vegetables to give it some color

If you want your rice to look more interesting, try adding chopped vegetables like carrots or peas. This is a great way to sneak in some vitamins and fiber into your meal without adding calories or fat. Just chop up some veggies before cooking time and add them in with raw rice when water is added. 

Use chicken broth instead of water

Chicken broth adds flavor and richness to any type of dish, including rice. When using chicken broth for rice, make sure that you only use about half as much liquid as usual because otherwise, it will be too soupy. 


Don’t forget about cheese!

Adding grated Parmesan cheese gives the rice an extra kick of flavor without having to resort to ketchup! Grate Parmesan cheese over hot cooked rice just before serving for best results.

If So – What Kind of Rice Do You Eat With it?

This kind of question is important to understand what kind of rice you are eating. Do you eat plain white rice or brown rice with your ketchup? What kind of sauces do you like to eat with your rice and ketchup such as curry sauce or teriyaki sauce, and why not stir fry in soy sauce. 

People who eat different kinds of food also have very different ways they think about what they are going to buy at restaurants. So when I ask them a question about their favorite foods, I can get a sense of how they live their lives. 

If someone says their favorite food is sushi then that tells me that they enjoy more exotic foods and may be willing to try new things. If someone says their favorite food is steak then that tells me that they probably want something familiar every time they go out for dinner so it makes sense for them to order steak all the time. 

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The point is that people’s tastes tell us a lot about who they are. It’s hard to imagine a person ordering both steak and sushi in one sitting, but if you know someone likes both then there’s no reason why they couldn’t do it. They just might not choose to eat those two foods together because of taste or cost reasons.

What other condiments go well with rice?

Everyone has a different sauce or condiment that they like to accompany their rice. For example, some may prefer soy sauce while others choose teriyaki sauce. However, one very popular sauce that is used in many cultures is ketchup. It can be a little strange for those who aren’t familiar with it. 

But at some point in time, there was a reason why people started putting ketchup on their rice. The following are reasons why you should put ketchup on your rice because it tastes good: As mentioned above, most people have tried ketchup and think of it as something to eat with french fries. 

However, if you try using it as an alternative sauce for any type of food then you will find out how delicious and flavorful it is. Many Asian dishes call for adding sweet and tangy sauces such as honey or maple syrup which both go well with rice. 

If you would rather not use sugar then ketchup is a great option. Many restaurants serve rice with chicken wings and give each person a small dish of ketchup so they can dip their chicken into it before eating. 

This gives them an extra burst of flavor without making them feel guilty about adding too much sugar to their meal. This also allows them to adjust how much sugar they want in each bite depending on what else they are eating or drinking along with it.

Final Thoughts

It depends on you to eat rice with ketchup because It is a matter of taste. What I can tell you for sure is that ketchup and rice are both capable of playing well together… if you’re into eating ketchup with your rice. 😉 Have fun!