How Much is a Small, Medium, And Large Soft Drink at McDonald’s?

Have you ever gone home from Mcdonald’s and taken a can of soft drink out of your fridge just to notice that it tastes nothing like Mcdonald’s?

Yes, we know and it happens to all of us which is why Mcdonald’s is so famous for its fizzy drinks.

And the multi-billion-dollar food chain has also kept the sizes and prices of these soft drinks quite balanced. You can get a small, medium and large soft drink at Mcdonald’s and each one would have a different size and price. So, are you interested to know how much is a small, medium, and large software drink at Mcdonald’s? Keep reading!

Size of Small, Medium and Large Soft Drink at McDonalds

Let’s get into the different sizes of Mcdonald’s cups and see which one is perfect for you.

●    Small

The small soft drink cup is 16 ounces and it obviously does not hold enough soft drink to satisfy our cravings. If you are a soft drink lover, you already cannot be satisfied with a small glass and most people go for either medium or large one because who would want to miss the fizzy drink of McDonald’s that is loved all around the globe.

The small Mcdonald’s soft drink glass is quite smaller and usually, is served for kids and for people who don’t want to start or end their days with lots and lots of sugary drinks. But, there are not a lot of adults that are interested in the smaller drink.

You can still go for the smaller drink if you are in a hurry or are eating breakfast and don’t want to have too many calories.

●    Medium

Medium Mcdonald’s cups are for normal people and those who are not overly concerned about consuming sugary stuff. It is about 21 ounces and could be more than enough for a filling meal with a side of fries.

Most people go for the medium cup because it does not suppress their appetite and lets them enjoy the food too. Some kids who are a little too fond of soft drinks and for that reason, they also go for the medium cup, just because it looks bigger obviously has a more soft drink.

Though the medium cup is not as big as the smaller one and people really want to drink a little too much soft drink at times just because they are the true fans of carbonate, which is why the larger cups are introduced.

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●    Large

The large cup of soft drinks at Mcdonald’s is the holy grail for most people because it is 30 ounces and can hold enough soft drinks to last you the whole meal. It might be more than enough for you and you end up leaving some at the bottom of the cup.

It is known that people really like to get the larger cup as it gives them a sort of satisfaction. Also, this cup is definitely not for kids because they won’t be able to drink it all the way through and it would obviously result in lots of wastage.

Also, the larger cup in America is a lot bigger than the large cup in Japan because people in the US tend to be true enthusiasts of carbonated drinks.

Cost of Soft Drinks at McDonalds

When it comes to popularity, there is nothing that could even reach closer to the soft drinks in Mcdonald’s. The reason behind this popularity is not just the hype but also the amazing cost that most people do not believe is true.

Mcdonald’s actually sells all its soft drinks for $1 and it sounds like a marketing gimmick but it just is their clever strategy to attract more customers. Obviously, people who would come for a cheaper drink would not be able to resist the aroma of hot buns and cold ice creams.

So, the food chain earns a lot more than others because it has one specific price for all its drink sizes. Also, it would be harder for Mcdonald’s to market its drink if it specifies a different price to each drink because why would a viewer take interest in the drink then?

But, the $1 for all drink sizes clicks in the mind of viewers because it is something very unusual so it would not be wrong to say that this $1 rate for all drinks actually is an intelligent move. It is not posing any loss to Mcdonald’s either because the food chain already imports the soft drinks in bulk and they get them at a lot cheaper rates.

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Also, despite these drinks being super cheap, they are getting quite a lot of sales to Mcdonald’s. The sales of soft drinks literally increased by 4% since they announced the $1 rule for all soft drinks. Also, 4% might not sound like a lot but when you are running a multi-billion business, it actually matters a lot.

Are All Cups at McDonalds of the Same Volume?

Recently, a big controversy sparked on Twitter that showed how Mcdonald’s uses the same amount of cold drink in all of its cups and only the cup size is different which could literally be the biggest scam with people.

So, according to this tik tok user, all the Mcdonald’s cups had the same volume which is why Mcdonald’s is selling all of them is $1 and it is not just a marketing stunt but also the biggest scam with the consumers.

A lot of Mcdonald’s were offended by this because they obviously knew that it was not the complete truth. They came up with statements and tik tok to counter this one but the question remained the same whether the volume of all Mcdonald’s cups is the same or not.

However, one consumer just woke up and randomly went to a chain of McDonald’s in his neighborhood. He bought all three sizes of drinks and came home to weigh them. Surprisingly, all three drinks had different weights.

So, it simply means that McDonald’s is not really selling us problematic drinks and is not scamming us which is a good sign for sure and we should also not believe everything we see on tik tok because most people just do it for fame

Does McDonalds Add Things in its Soft Drinks?

It is a good old belief that Mcdonald’s adds a secret ingredient in its soft drinks which is what makes them so fizzy and just fresh. You also have noticed multiple times that the cold drink at your place would taste nothing like the one at Mcdonald’s.

This distinctive taste is what constantly brings back customers to the Mcdonald’s chains because they cannot really get this taste of soft drink from anywhere else. The only secret ingredient in the making of ultimate soda for Mcdonald’s is not really an ingredient but lots and lots of care.

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No, Mcdonald’s does not add anything to make its soda taste better because that would change its composition and it might not stay soda anymore. But instead, Mcdonald’s transports soda in steel tanks that help a lot with keeping the soda fresh for a long time. Also, Mcdonald’s takes a lot of care of its soft drinks and is known to literally be the finest chain for soda.

The process of making soda from syrup is also intricately performed at Mcdonald’s and they have a lot better techniques and tools than you would imagine which other chains don’t have. That is the very reason why McDonald’s’ soda gets this distinctive taste.

Which Soda Size Most People Prefer at McDonalds?

Most people at Mcdonald’s usually like to get a medium soda because it is not big enough to waste anything and small enough to get a refill if you still feel like you need another round of it.

The medium one is not just perfect for adults but for kids too and it does not feel too small either and does not leave your cravings unsatisfied. So, the medium one is just right and it costs just as much as the smaller one so, it is an absolute banger.

Diet-conscious people also go for the medium ones because they don’t want to suppress their cravings and don’t want to fall off the diet wagon either. So, the medium cup is the perfect middle ground for everyone.


So, Mcdonald’s is world-famous for not just its mouth-watering burgers but also for its excessively fizzy drinks. These drinks come in different sizes that we discovered but the best thing is that the prices of all of them are pretty much the same.

Lastly, make sure to get the cup that you can actually finish because otherwise, it would just be considered waste. So, first, go for the smaller or medium-sized cup just so you know that you can drink this much soda without wasting a lot of it. Then if you want, you can move to a larger cup. Drinking soft drinks responsibly is the new cool these days, just so you know!