Do Mcdonalds Kiosks Take Cash? Ordering From McDonald’s

McDonald’s is not a name that you have to tell about to anyone. It’s the second-largest global fast-food chain serving 68 million people every day on average.

Before a decade and a half, the only way to get food from your favorite food chains and the restaurant was to dine in or pick up.

However, the trend has changed over time, and currently, any restaurant not offering online ordering is considered outdated. However, still, many of them are there.

McDonald’s has several ways of ordering McDonald’s food, but a Kiosk is one of the ways that many people love.

The self-ordering service of McDonald’s quickly became popular, and it wasn’t because it’s a convenient way of ordering food.

But the reasons are the opposite. McDonald’s Kiosk is often criticized for not facilitating the cash-only payers. But the cash payers seem to be disappointed.

This article will answer the questions about McDonald’s Kiosk and its facilitation for cash-only buyers. Not only this, we are going to cover everything you need to know about ordering food from McDonald’s.

If McDonald’s Kiosks are not accepting cash orders, we will also tell you alternate ways to order food and enjoy by paying in cash.

What Can You Order From McDonald’s?

You can order from McDonald’s at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. The common menu items of McDonald’s include:

  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Salads
  • Soft Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Combo Meals
  • Desserts
  • Shakes
  • Snacks and SIDES
  • Bakery Items

And a lot of other options you might check out. We will also help out in how to choose the best eating options from McDonald’s.

Find The Best Eating Options

Whether ordering online, at the drive-thru, or when dining in, what to eat is the most critical question. It’s hard to decide what do you want from an unending list of options.

Therefore, we have created this small guide on how to decide what you will eat when ordering from McDonald’s.

1. Check out the Combo Meals and Compare Prices

When looking at the menu, you should first check out the combo meals listed on the menu. Most common combo meals have sandwiches, fries, McNuggets, crispy chicken, etc. If you find a combo meal that contains all items you’re craving, your search ends here.

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You should go for your favorite combo meal or value meal to help you save some money. Besides, you can save some calories that you would be consuming when ordering individual items. 

2. Don’t forget to check the 1$, 2$, and 3$ menu

Couldn’t find what you were looking for in the combo meals?

Your next stop should be value menus under 1$, 2$, and 3$. The most common items under these menus are fries, sandwiches, burgers, drinks, treats, and side menus. It’s the best choice to choose these menus when you’re ordering for two or more people.


Because you can get the value meals at a lower price than the regular menu price. You can save a lot of money when ordering food for a group of people or more than two people.

3. Choose The Best Possible Healthy Options

It sounds odd when you hear someone ordering healthy food from McDonald’s. But you can still make some effort to find healthy options from the menu. You can choose from salads, yogurt, etc., to make some healthy combos.

The good thing is that McDonald’s gives the calorie count of each item listed on the menu. You can check the calories and make your meal combo accordingly. A little tip from our side is to ditch the dressings in salads to make them a healthier option.

4. Order Happy Meal For One-Person

If you’re the only person going to eat the food or looking for a meal for one person, happy meals are best.


One benefit is that you will consume lower calories. Besides, there will be less food wastage, and you will get a better price.

What Is McDonald’s Kiosk?

It’s a walk-in method of ordering food from McDonald’s. You will have to visit the restaurant; you can order from the touchscreen.

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These touchscreens look like flat-screen TVs mounted vertically. You can scroll through the menu, add your favorite items to the cart, and wait for your food.

Kiosk ordering gives you the option of dine-in and take-out. Besides, you can also choose how you want to pay: cash or credit card. If you are using a credit/debit card or gift card, you can swipe it right when ordering your food.

Follow the steps below to order food using a Kiosk:

  1. Walk into McDonald’s outlet and look for a kiosk.
  2. Touch the screen and start scrolling through the menu. Add your favorite items to the cart.
  3. Add variations and preferences to your order. It can be skipping dressing, sauce, lettuce, adding extra cheese, etc.
  4. Confirm the menu, and complete the order by proceeding with payment.
  5. Get your pickup number and wait for your order.
  6. Enjoy the hot meal!

Do McDonald’s Kiosks Take Cash?

The rumors about McDonald’s self-ordering service not taking cash are true. McDonald’s Kiosk has been suffering to process the cash payments. Therefore, the cash-only buyers wishing to use the Kiosk seemed to be unhappy with the faults of the Kiosk.

However, McDonald’s has always taken an extra mile to facilitate their customers. According to Barron’s, McDonald’s TOLD Bloomberg in an email that:

“As part of McDonald’s efforts to identify the best experience for customers and employees, we are always testing new approaches to meet customer demand,”

Therefore, McDonald’s is trying to accommodate the customers who want to order from Kiosk but pay in cash.

They can place their order using the Kiosk system and then pay cash at the McDonald’s counter. Although a full customer experience is lacking, you can still avail the self-service of McDonald’s.

Alternative Method For Cash-Only Buyers

If you are not comfortable placing an order with Kiosk and paying at the counter, you can opt for the cash-on-delivery service.


The pickup option of McDonald’s lets you order at your terms. You can choose which time you want to get your order ready. You can pay in cash or swipe your card as per your wish. Plan ahead, arrive on time, get your order, and enjoy it.

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Dine-in or At-table service can also be used to get your favorite items from McDonald’s menu. order the food you love, enjoy it, and pay in cash.


McDelivery is also an option for cash-only buyers who want to order food from McDonald’s and pay in cash. Although not nearest to the Kiosk experience, you can still enjoy the food at your doorstep.

McDelivery is a partnership of McDonald’s with Uber Eats and DoorDash to deliver fresh food to their customers.

It can be done by downloading Uber Eats app on your phone. To check if you can get your food delivered with McDelivery, you must check the participating locations in your area. Add your address, and check if any nearby McDonald’s delivers at your address.

McDonald’s App

Another way to order McDonald’s cash delivery is using McDonald’s app. McDonald’s app empowers the customers to order food online, at pickup, drive-thru, or at-table.

Download the application from the play store, sign up for McDonald’s, add your address, and start scrolling the menu to find your McDonald’s love.


How Does McDonald’s Kiosk work?

The Kiosk is a self-ordering service, and you can order at your convenience. Customers choose what they want to order from the menu, pay with a credit card, receive the order number printed, and wait for the order to be prepared.

Does McDonald’s Kiosk Accept Cash?

Currently, the Kiosk t McDonald’s does not accept cash. However, the customers can place the order at Kiosk and pay the cash on the counter.

Final Words

We hope that you understand why McDonald’s Kiosks do not accept cash orders, but they make every effort to compensate the customers.

We have also covered alternative ways to order food from McDonald’s. We hope you will be able to enjoy McDonald’s food at your next visit or home delivery.