Does McDonald’s Milkshake Contain Milk? How Many Calories In Milkshakes?

McDonald’s is always in the news, positive or controversial, due to its popular products. One day you will hear someone saying that McNuggets are made of pink slime, or another day, they will tell you about the addition of horse or human meat in McBurgers. And then another rumor comes about the McDonald’s shake.

Someone would say that since McDonald’s doesn’t call them milkshakes, the shakes served at McDonald’s are dairy-free. There is no milk added to the milkshakes. And this is not a stand-alone case.

All the desserts on McDonald’s menu are subject to weird rumors. It’s hard to tell who gets too much time to think about these things and transfer them to public sentiment.

We love McDonald’s shakes, and you would, too, probably. Therefore, today’s article is about answering the questions of people:

Does McDonald’s milkshake contain milk?

How many calories are in McDonald’s milkshakes?

Is McDonald’s milkshake dairy-free?

And the list goes on.

So you will find answers to these questions and a lot more. Let’s get into it without further ado.

About McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a global fast-food chain. Since its inception in 1940, the brand has always positioned itself as a fast-food chain. The main menu of McDonald’s has always been burgers, French fries, sandwiches, and soft drinks.

They also serve some of the vegan and vegetarian options for the people who love McDonald’s but don’t want to eat meaty treats. However, in general, the type of food served at McDonald’s is fast food.

McDonald’s has not only established itself as a brand of people who love food. The company has also invested in harvesting a culture of inclusivity, support, flexibility, team building, and responsibility sharing at the workplace.

Regardless of which country McDonald’s is operating in, you will find a healthy culture for the employees. The company has positioned itself as an equal opportunity employer in all parts of the world.

A survey at McDonald’s USA revealed that 73% of employees are happy with their job. And it’s higher than the average satisfaction at other companies in the USA.

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Does McDonald’s Milkshake Contain Milk?

Let’s not give our verdict about McDonald’s milkshakes.

We will know what McDonald’s has to say about their milkshakes about being dairy-free or not. But it is only true for the McDonald’s shakes in the USA. In the UK, milkshakes are called milkshakes. Therefore, we will be talking about McDonald’s USA only.

Due to disparity in standards across states regarding what can be officially called milkshakes, McDonald’s has adopted a uniform policy. McDonald’s doesn’t call its milkshakes ‘milkshakes’ but ‘shakes’ because they use milk from reduced-fat soft serve. This is to rule out any confusion or legal consequences by calling a shake a milkshake in a state where the definition of milkshake is different.

Different Flavors Of McDonald’s Shakes

Whether you’re visiting a McDonald’s in the UK, USA, or any other part of the world, you will get the same flavors. And we have listed all of them along with the nutritional value and calories. It will answer your question about calories in the McDonald’s milkshakes.

Shamrock Shake

Shamrock shake is the one that is not available all year round but comes in March for a limited time. What is it?

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is a blend of soft vanilla serve, Shamrock shake syrup, and whipped cream topping. You can get any serving size according to your requirement.

But here is a twist: you can get another variant of Shamrock to shake called Orea Shamrock McFlurry. They have just blended the flavors of shamrock shake with oreo to make your summer days happy.


Shamrock Shake includes the following ingredients:

  1. Creamy Vanilla Soft Serve
  2. Shamrock Shake Syrup
  3. Whipped Light Cream

Nutritional Value

How many calories are in McDonald’s Shamrock Shake?

Here is the nutritional value you get from Shamrock shake:

  • A small serving contains 460 calories
  • A medium serving contains 560 calories
  • A large serving of Shamrock Shake contains 800 calories

Chocolate Shake

Chocolate shake is the favorite of almost everyone. A sweet blend of soft serve, chocolate syrup, and whipped topping is the perfect thing to kick start your day. Just like other shakes, you can order the McDonald’s Chocolate Shake in small, medium, and large sizes

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Nutritional Value

How many calories are in McDonald’s Chocolate Shake?

Here is the nutritional value you get from Chocolate shake:

  • A small serving contains 520
  • A medium serving contains 620 calories
  • A large serving of Chocolate Shake contains 830 calories

Vanilla Shake

Vanilla shake is the best example of basic satisfaction, and it’s just the perfect thing you can ask for in any mood. They serve in medium, small, and large sizes anywhere. Order the Vanilla shake as per your need.


  • Vanilla Flavor Soft Serve
  • Vanilla Shake Syrup
  • Whipping Light Cream

Nutritional Value

How many calories are in McDonald’s Vanilla Shake?

Here is the nutritional value you get from Shamrock shake:

  • A small serving contains 510 calories
  • A medium serving contains 610 calories
  • A large serving of Vanilla Shake contains 820 calories

Strawberry Shake

Strawberry syrup, creamy vanilla soft serve, light whip cream; blend, blend! Strawberry shake of McDonald’s is a guilty pleasure for almost everyone. Whether you want to kickstart your day with a healthy shake or want something perfect to celebrate your day, Strawberry shake is perfect.


  • Strawberry Syrup
  • Vanilla reduced fat ice cream
  • Whipping light cream

Nutritional Value

How many calories are in McDonald’s Strawberry Shake?

Here is the nutritional value you get from Strawberry shake:

  • A small serving contains 530 calories
  • A medium serving contains 620 calories
  • A large serving of Strawberry Shake contains 840 calories

How Can You Order McDonald’s Milkshakes?

Let’s find out different ways to order McDonald’s milkshakes online or by visiting the restaurant.


McDelivery is a partnership of McDonald’s with Uber Eats and DoorDash to deliver fresh food to their customers. It can be done by downloading Uber Eats app on your phone.

To check if you can get your food delivered with McDelivery, you must check the participating locations in your area. Add your address, and check if any nearby McDonald’s delivers at your address.

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McDonald’s App

Another way to order McDonald’s online is using McDonald’s app. McDonald’s app empowers the customers to order food online, at pickup, drive-thru, or at-table. Download the application from the play store, sign up for McDonald’s, add your address, and start scrolling the menu to find your McDonald’s love.

Here is how ordering from McDonald’s app work:

  1. Download the app, and sign up
  2. Add your address and details
  3. Find the items you want to order.
  4. Pay for the order using your credit or debit card. You won’t be charged by the company until you haven’t received your order.
  5. Choose the time you want your order to be ready.
  6. Choose how you want your order to be delivered(drive-thru, curbside, at-table, online, pickup, etc.)


It’s a walk-in method of ordering food from McDonald’s. You will have to visit the restaurant; you can order from the touchscreen. These touchscreens look like flat-screen TVs mounted vertically. You can scroll through the menu, add your favorite items to the cart, and wait for your food.

Kiosk ordering gives you the option of dine-in and take-out. Besides, you can also choose how you want to pay: cash or credit card. If you are using a credit/debit card or gift card, you can swipe it right when ordering your food.


The pickup option of McDonald’s lets you order at your terms. You can choose which time you want to get your order ready. Plan ahead, arrive on time, get your order, and enjoy it.


Dine-in or At-table service can also be used to get your favorite items from McDonald’s menu.

Final Words

If you’re in the UK, shake or milkshake is not your debate. McDonald’s advertises all milkshakes as milkshakes. However, the USA residents must know that McDonald’s shakes are made of reduced fat soft serve.

Therefore, they don’t call it milkshake but shake. We have disclosed everything about McDonald’s shakes and the calories. We hope it will help you.