What Do I Need To Bring To a McDonald’s Interview?

Whether you’re residing in the UK, the USA, or any other part of the world, McDonald’s is a reputable food chain and an employer most employees love. Therefore, every year, McDonald’s hires millions of people to work at the world’s largest fast-food chain.

Sometimes a joke is also cracked about McDonald’s that they hire anyone who applies to work at McDonald’s. However, there is nothing we can say about it. But McDonald’s indeed is one of the world’s biggest equal opportunity recruiters. The company hires from students to graduates of mixed ethnicities, genders, etc. 

Did you also apply for a job at McDonald’s and get an interview call? We covered you if you’re unsure what to do, where to start from, and what to bring to a McDonald’s interview. This article will find everything you need to know before entering McDonald’s doors for the job interview.

We will also guide you on the Dos and Don’ts of your job interviews, dressing up, and the whole recruitment process. It will help you have clear expectations from the employer about getting hired.

So let’s get into it.

McDonald’s As An Employer

McDonald’s has not only established itself as a brand of people who love food. The company has also invested in harvesting a culture of inclusivity, support, flexibility, team building, and responsibility sharing at the workplace.

Regardless of which country McDonald’s is operating in, you will find a healthy culture for the employees. The company has positioned itself as an equal opportunity employer in all parts of the world. A survey at McDonald’s USA revealed that 73% of employees are happy with their job. And it’s higher than the average satisfaction at other companies in the USA.

McDonald’s has won several recognitions and awards for diversity, inclusion, a safe workplace for women, and equal opportunity. The following stats about McDonald’s culture are worth mentioning:

  • Around 85% of employees at McDonald’s are satisfied due to the job’s flexibility.
  • Every 9 out of 10 business managers working at McDonald’s started as crew members.
  • The company invest around 40 million pounds every year to train their employees
  • Every one out of three executive teams started the career from the restaurant level
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Anyone would dream of becoming a part of McDonald’s for all these reasons.

McDonald’s Recruitment Process

The recruitment process of McDonald’s comprises of many steps that we will be looking at in detail. It will help you prepare yourself mentally about the timelines and what to expect.

Application Processing

The recruitment procedure at McDonald’s starts with the official website. In the careers section, the employer advertised any latest opportunities along with the deadlines. You will create a candidate profile on McDonald’s portal. The application filing process can be easily completed in a few minutes, and you can apply for more than on the job. After the application process, you will receive the application confirmation.

Application Review

Your application goes into the review process, and members of recruiting team at McDonald’s review and scrutinize your application. If they believe that you’re the right fit for the job, they will shortlist you for further procedures. Your application review might take a few days due to the volume of applications.

Video or Phone Interviews

If recruiting team shortlists you, they will contact you for a first screening interview. The main purpose of the initial screening is the evaluation of your qualifications. The first screening is usually through phone or video interviews. They will share more details of the job and ask you about yourself.

The candidates who pass this stage are forwarded to have a phone interview or a video interview with the hiring manager or other hiring team members.

Onsite Visits

The next step for qualifying candidates is onsite interviews. The onsite interview is an interactive session where candidates meet with the manager and other stakeholders of the company. These interviews are conducted in person, and it’s communication between candidates and the recruiting team. McDonald’s calls the in-person interviews as a meeting to learn about their candidates and let candidates know about McDonald’s culture.

Pre-Employment Screening

Finally, if you also pass the onsite visit and interview, you will be gone through pre-employment screening. It’s the formal process of evaluating and verifying the educational documents, identity proofs, employment and experience verification, etc.

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Notification of Joining

It’s your ticket to become a team member at McDonald’s. The recruiting department informs the successful candidates about their selection. It’s an offer of a job, and candidates can join the team to start working at McDonald’s.

Interview Procedure

The interview procedure at the McDonald’s is divided into two steps: a video interview and an onsite visit. During the interviews, candidates are asked about their career aspirations, experiences, job expectations, preference(full-time or part-time job), etc. Besides, they will ask about the position you’re interested in working at, conflict handling, and will give you different situations to know your response. In short, the interview is an overall assessment of your professional orientation, psychological orientation, and social orientation.

What Do I Need To Bring To A McDonald’s Interview?

So here comes the question that you rarely get answered from the available resources. There is no concrete guidance from McDonald’s about what to bring to a job interview at McDonald’s. However, here is our advice and tips on what do you need to take to a McDonald’s interview:

  • Get your personal identification with you(Social Security Number, ID card, etc.)
  • You must know where you’re going. If you’re taking your own drive, set the address of the site where you will be going for the interview
  • You should take extra copies of your resume with you to stay on the safer side
  • Always keep a pen and notepad/paper with you because you might need to write down anything. It tells your recruiters that you’re a responsible person who plans ahead.
  • Always have some questions for the interviews.

How To Dress Up For Interview?

It’s also an important part of your job interview at McDonald’s.

The famous quote ‘never judge a book by its cover’ got reversed when it comes to your job interviews. At interviews, your first impression is the last one. Therefore, it is important to invest in making your first interview an impressive one –at least an impressive start.

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Here are some tips on your dress code for the job interview:

  • Let’s start with pants and always remember that you should only be wearing dark conservative dress pants for your formal job interview
  • Tee-shirts must be replaced with collared shirts or formal blouses
  • Dressing up is an important part of the interview. But it doesn’t mean that you appear wearing a tuxedo or gown from your college prom night. You have to maintain moderation.
  • A clean appearance is key. It includes your dress, footwear, personal hygiene, and everything.
  • Then comes the hair part. Your hair should be out of your face, and it’s better if you haven’t dyed any fluorescent.
  • No matter how big a fashion-geek you’re. Always be formal when appearing for a job interview.

Dos And Don’ts Of McDonald’s Interview

Now the general dos and don’ts before, during, and after McDonald’s interview.


  • Always be on time, but you don’t have to be one opening office doors. Staying 10 minutes ahead of interview time is good timing.
  • You should be presenting yourself with confidence. Whether it’s answering questions or putting counter questions, make your interview a conversation.
  • Also, make a few notes when the interviewer is telling something. It shows that you are an attentive person and a good listener. 
  • Doing some research about the company, your interviewer, and the position you’re competing for is nice.
  • It’s better to have eye contact and sit up straight.
  • Always follow the formal dress code


  • Never be late for your interview
  • Don’t be too impatient to answer the interviewer’s questions. Listen to the question attentively, understand it, and then give answers.
  • Don’t overdress for your interview
  • Do not ever do hair twirling, gum chewing, etc
  • Avoid the hand gestures or keep them to minimum

Final Words

We have shared everything about what to bring to the McDonald’s interview. We have also shared how to dress up, expect, do, and what to not. We hope it will help you get through the interview process and make the final selection.