Is It Hard To Get Hired By McDonald’s? Age, Requirements, and Other Things

The world’s second-largest food chain will be a dream come true if you get hired by a company with huge needs. Yes, we’re talking about McDonald’s. McDonald’s is one of the biggest food chains across the globe, and they are always hiring personnel to meet their growing needs. Every 1 out of 8 Americans is working or had worked some time at McDonald’s.

Why do people love to work at McDonald’s? We will discover it in the next section. But for now, you should know that McDonald’s is an equal opportunity and socially responsible company as claimed by themselves. They claim that when we say ‘Serving billions,’ it’s not just about meals, but it’s the impact the company is making. All stakeholders(direct or indirect) are treated as a part of McDonald’s community across the supply chain. It’s one of the reasons why McDonald’s has won several recognitions for diversity and inclusion.

However, the question here to answer is:

Is it hard to get hired by McDonald’s?

In this blog article, our focus will be on answering the question and guiding candidates about preparing for an interview and knowing if they’re eligible for the job at McDonald’s. So let’s get into it without further ado.

McDonald’s As An Employer

McDonald’s has not only established itself as a brand of people who love food. The company has also invested in harvesting a culture of inclusivity, support, flexibility, team building, and responsibility sharing at the workplace.

Regardless of which country McDonald’s is operating in, you will find a healthy culture for the employees. The company has positioned itself as an equal opportunity employer in all parts of the world. A survey at McDonald’s USA revealed that 73% of employees are happy with their job. And it’s higher than the average satisfaction at other companies in the USA.

McDonald’s has won several recognitions and awards for diversity, inclusion, a safe workplace for women, and equal opportunity. The following stats about McDonald’s culture are worth mentioning:

  • Around 85% of employees at McDonald’s are satisfied due to the job’s flexibility.
  • Every 9 out of 10 business managers working at McDonald’s started as crew members.
  • The company invest around 40 million pounds every year to train their employees
  • Every one out of three executive teams started the career from the restaurant level
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Anyone would dream of becoming a part of McDonald’s for all these reasons.

Salary And Benefits

The financial salary you get will be decided with you when they get you on board. Your salary package depends on your position at the restaurant, the region you’re working at, and many other factors. However, the benefits generally available to McDonald’s employees are publicly disclosed.

The benefits and rewards provided by McDonald’s USA to its clients include:

3 Weeks’ Vacation

McDonald’s offers the employees a three weeks’ vacation. The vacations like holidays, sick leaves, personal time out, absence leaves, etc., are provided. Additionally, other flexible work arrangements make it possible for employees to balance their job and personal life.

Summer Hours

A compressed workweek is followed during summers. McDonald’s offices end the work week on Friday.

Sabbatical Programs

 The employees can also have an eight-week paid sabbatical depending on their eligibility.

Recognition Programs

McDonald’s takes pride in its employees. That’s why they take several initiatives to recognize the employees’ contributions. These programs are focused on recognizing team and individual accomplishments.

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits include support for the employee and his family’s health. They offer several medical benefits and programs to support you in case of any financial hardship after illness, injury, or death.

Dental Benefits

A comprehensive dental plan and benefits are also in place to facilitate the employees.

Vision Health  

Your vision health is also supported and covered with McDonald’s plans and benefits. They cover you from the cost of eye examination to getting the aiding material.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is something many people ignore. However, McDonald’s provides their employees with accidental death, dependent life, basic life, dismemberment, and business accident insurance.

Other Initiatives

Other initiatives and benefits provided by McDonald’s to their employees include:

  • Dress your day
  • 401k lets you save taxes
  • TIP(Target Incentive Plan) is the at-risk portion of your cash compensation. These payouts depend on your performance and target achievement.
  • LTI(Long Term Incentive Plan) is the at-risk future element of your payment depending on your sustained performance and future expectations.
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These benefits and rewards are for the employees of McDonald’s in the USA. Suppose you’re residing in any other country and working at McDonald’s. In that case, you can expect the benefits and rewards according to that country’s rules and compensation laws.

Does Everyone Get Hired By McDonald’s?

The good news is that almost everyone gets hired by McDonald’s. Whether young, old, male, female, student, graduate, varying background, etc., you have a chance to get hired by McDonald’s. There are minimum biases since the company is operating at global locations and positions itself as an equal opportunity employer.

Despite these facts, there can be some instances when McDonald’s won’t hire a candidate. The reasons might be the candidate’s availability, qualifications not meeting position requirements, etc. 

Is It Hard To Get Hired By McDonald’s?

When the candidates ask this question, they don’t know that it’s very easy to secure a job at McDonald’s. If we compare getting a job at McDonald’s with any other company, it’s easy to acquire a  position.

Let’s talk about the hiring process of McDonald’s. It can last up to 3 weeks, from video interviews to onsite interviews, pre-employment screening, orientation, etc. Besides, the teen-friendly environment of McDonald’s also makes it easier for students to get a part-time job at McDonald’s.

Can I Apply For McDonald’s Without Any Experience?

You might wonder if you can apply at McDonald’s without any prior experience. The answer is yes, you can apply at McDonald’s as a fresher. It’s a great opportunity to join McDonald’s as your first job. You will get to learn a lot from the collaborative culture of McDonald’s to help you in your future career.

Students and teen workers can also apply at McDonald’s and get benefits of McDonald’s tuition reimbursement and incentives. So if you’re worried about not getting a job at McDonald’s due to not having experience, it’s time to take a deep breath.

McDonald’s will hire you without experience, train you, pay for your tuition, and above all, gives you job experience.

What Are the Requirements Of McDonald’s For Hiring?

The general requirements of McDonald’s to hire people at the restaurant are age, skills, education, etc.

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If we talk about the most basic eligibility to apply at McDonald’s for customer dealing, it will be:

Age: 15 years

Skills: Multitasking, Good communication skills, customer service skills, good listeners and executer

Qualification: There is no maximum or minimum qualification limit to start working at McDonald’s restaurant.

How To Prepare For Interview?

Well, having the right attitude is the most important thing before you appear in the interview of McDonald’s. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your interview at Mcdonald’s:

  • Always be on time, but you don’t have to be one opening office doors. Staying 10 minutes ahead of interview time is good timing.
  • You should be presenting yourself with confidence. Whether it’s answering questions or putting counter questions, make your interview a conversation.
  • Also, make a few notes when the interviewer is telling something. It shows that you are an attentive person and a good listener. 
  • Doing some research about the company, your interviewer, and the position you’re competing for is nice.
  • It’s better to have eye contact during the interview
  • Always follow the formal dress code

Questions Expected To Be Asked By Interviewers

When you’re preparing for the interview, you must know the most expected questions interviewers might ask you:

How would you make McDonald’s a better place for customers?

Your experience? Experience in the restaurant industry?

Your strengths? Your weaknesses?

What is your customer service experience, if any?

Is the customer always right?

How will you handle a conflict with a customer?

How will you handle an irresponsible employee?

If you are confident and have completed your homework, you can easily win an executive position. And a lot more questions like this can be asked by the interviewers. The key is to listen carefully and answer patiently.

Final Words

Now you know that McDonald’s is an equal opportunity employer, and they don’t have any discriminatory attitude toward varying people. If you know yourself, you know the job, and you’re eager to learn and grow, getting a job at any organization becomes easy.